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IBM Cloud Terraform Provider v1.21.0

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2 years ago


  • Support datasource for VPC volume profiles ibm_is_volume_profile, ibm_is_volume_profiles

  • Support datasource to list power instance catalog images ibm_pi_catalog_images


  • Support lunid attribute for block classic block storage (#1491)

  • Support HTTP_COOKIE session_affinity for lbass (#2218)

  • Support auto_delete_volume argument to delete data volumes of VPC instance (#646)

  • Support wait_till argument for ibm_containar_cluster to control the behaviour of waiting for cluster (#2232)

  • Enable retries on authnetication failures (#2248)


  • Fix the nil pointer exception on lbs of vpc_cluster destroy (#2226)

  • Fix the nil pointer exception on is_instance_group (#2247)

  • Fix the nil pointer on iam_service_api_key (#2259)

  • Fix the validation for LB listener policy rule (#2257)

  • Fix the patch_version update for kubernetes clusters (#2217)

  • Fix the issue of malformed CRN: Error parsing JSON for resource keys

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