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IBM Cloud Terraform Provider v1.2.4

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3 years ago


  • Provider: Added new parameter zone to support power virtual resources and data sources to work in multi-zone environment (#1141)
  • resource/ibm_pi_volume: Updated the list of volume types for power virtual volume (#1149)
  • resource/ibm_container_vpc_cluster : Added support for ingress_hostname and ingress_secret attributes (#1167)
  • data/ibm_container_vpc_cluster : Added support for ingress_hostname and ingress_secret attributes (#1167)
  • resource/ibm_is_floating_ip : Handle the case when floating IP is deleted manually (#1160)


  • resources : Handle the case where the resource might be already deleted (manually) for ibm_iam_access_policies, ibm_iam_authorization_policies, ibm_iam_service_policies (#1162)
  • resource/ibm_is_inetwork_acl: Fix the order of creation of network acl (#1123)
  • resource/ibm_container_vpc_cluster: Added new attribute wait_till to control the cluster creation. Now user can control the cluster creation until master is ready / any one worker node is ready / ingress_hostname is
    assigned. (#1143)
  • resource/ibm_pi_instance: Fix the timeout configuration for create (#1178)
  • doc/ibm_cis_ip_addresses : Fix the description of data source (#1178)

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