github IBM-Cloud/terraform-provider-ibm v1.19.0
IBM Cloud Terraform Provider v1.19.0

latest releases: v1.51.0, v1.51.0-beta0, v1.50.0...
2 years ago


  • Support Contianer Registry resource and datasource ibm_cr_namespace, ibm_cr_namespaces (#2119)

  • Support reset APIkey for cluster ibm_container_api_key_reset (#2118)

  • Support APIkey for serviceID ibm_iam_service_api_key (#666)


  • Move next_hop from optional to required for ibm_is_vpc_routing_table_route (#2141)

  • Support jp-osa endpoints for ibm_cos_bucket (#2149)

  • Support crn in target attribute for ibm_is_virtual_endpoint_gateway (#2147)

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