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IBM Cloud Terraform Provider v1.18.0

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2 years ago


  • Support CIS Certificate resources ibm_cis_certificate_order, ibm_cis_certificate_upload

  • Support CIS Certificate datasources ibm_cis_certificates, ibm_cis_custom_certificates

  • Support CIS DNS Records import and export ibm_cis_dns_records_import, ibm_cis_dns_records

  • Support virtual private endpoint gateways ibm_is_virtual_endpoint_gateway, ibm_is_virtual_endpoint_gateway_ip resources and ibm_is_virtual_endpoint_gateways, ibm_is_virtual_endpoint_gateway_ips, ibm_is_virtual_endpoint_gateway datasources


  • resource: Support labels argument and updates for kubernetes clusters (#2109)

  • resource: Support namespace argument and persistence and status attributes (#2097)


  • Fix an ibm_resource_key that is removed outside of Terraform is not being recreated (#2125)

  • Fix cluster addon fails on apply after timeout (#2129)

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