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IBM Cloud Terraform Provider v1.17.0

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2 years ago

1.17.0 (Dec10, 2020)


  • Support CIS WAF resources ibm_cis_range_app, ibm_cis_waf_package, ibm_cis_waf_group, ibm_cis_waf_rule

  • Support CIS WAF datasources ibm_cis_range_apps, ibm_cis_waf_packages, ibm_cis_waf_groups, ibm_cis_waf_rules


  • resource: Support force_delete argument for ibm_cos_bucket (#2017)

  • resource: Move bgp_base_cidr as optional argument (#2087)

  • resource: Support expire_rule argument for ibm_cos_bucket (#1590)

  • resource: Add validate function for resoure_instance_id argument to ibm_cos_bucket (#2103)

  • resource: Support Route and Profile based VPN gateways (#2094)


  • Fix users not found when adding to access group (#2034)

  • Set the instance_id in ibm_kms_key (#2106)

  • Fix multiple cis_domain leads into inconsistency (#2086)

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