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IBM Cloud Terraform Provider v1.16.0

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2 years ago


  • Support VPC Routing Table ibm_is_vpc_routing_table and VPC Routing Table Route ibm_is_vpc_routing_table_route resources (#1395)

  • Support ibm_is_vpc_default_routing_table, ibm_is_vpc_routing_tables and ibm_is_vpc_routing_table_routes datasources (#1395)


  • resource: Extend CIS firewall resource to support access_rules and ua_rules (#2025)

  • resource: Support anti-spoofing allow_ip_spoofing for ibm_is_instance (#1396)

  • resource: Support routing_table and ip_version agruments for ibm_is_subnet (#1395)

  • data: Support policies attribute for ibm_kms_keys and ibm_kms_key (#1928)

  • resource: Support number_of_invited_users and invited_users attribute for ibm_iam_user_invite (#2053)


  • Fix the upgrade of kube_version for master and worker nodes of cluster (#1952)

  • Fix issue when trying to provision a new ibm_container_alb_cert (#2067)

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