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IBM Cloud Terraform Provider v1.15.0

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2 years ago


  • Support ibm_cis_routing resource (#1991)

  • Support ibm_cis_cache_settings resource (#1995)

  • Support ibm_cis_global_load_balancers datasource (#1981)

  • Supoort ibm_cis_custom_pageresource and ibm_cis_custom_pages datasoruce (#1997)

  • Support ibm_dns_glb, ibm_dns_glb_monitor, ibm_dns_glb_pool resource for IBM Cloud PDNS Service (#1887)

  • Support ibm_dns_glbs, ibm_dns_glb_monitors, ibm_dns_glb_pools datasources for IBM Cloud PDNS Service (#1887)


  • resource: Support public_ip attribute in ibm_pi_network_port resource (#1930)

  • resource: Support encrypted images encrypted_data_key and encryption_key arguments in ibm_is_image resource (#1938)

  • resource: Support archive rule archive_rule for ibm_cos_bucket (#1590)

  • resource: Support Polcies for ibm_kms_key (#1928)

  • data: Support list_bounded_services argument for ibm_container_cluster (#2051)


  • Fix provision of cloud funciton resources (#837)

  • Fix the destroy of ibm_pi_instance wait (#2047)

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