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IBM Cloud Terraform Provider v1.14.0

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2 years ago


  • Support for subnet network interface attachment ibm_is_subnet_network_acl_attachment resource (#1941)

  • Support for CIS tls settigns ibm_cis_tls_settings resource (#1954)

  • Support ibm_cis_origin_pools datasource (#1959)


  • resource: Support additional domain settings (max_upload, cipher, minify, security_header, mobile_redirect, challenge_ttl, dnssec, browser_check) for ibm_cis_domain_settings (#1939)

  • resource: Support expiration_date argument to ibm_kms_key resource (#1967)

  • resource: Support wait_for_worker_update argument to ibm_container_cluster and ibm_container_voc_cluster to control the upgrade of worker nodes (#1969)

  • data: Support cert_file_path attribute to ibm_database (#1985)


  • Remove forcenew for IS instance group (#1951)

  • Support resource instance's parameter to be an array type (#1953)

  • Fix the tags attachemnt for ibm_databse resource (#1971)

  • Fix changing allowed_ip to a list of IPs to nothing leads to an error when configuring a COS bucket (#1661)

  • Fix the update of VPC worker nodes kube verison (#1952)

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