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IBM Cloud Terraform Provider v1.13.0

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2 years ago


VPC NLB Feature:

  • Support for provisioning of NLB load balancers (#1937)
    • data/ibm_is_lb_profiles
    • data/ibm_is_lbs

CIS Edge Functions:

  • Support for CIS Edge Functions (#1873)
    • resource/ibm_cis_edge_functions_action
    • resource/ibm_cis_edge_functions_trigger
    • data/ibm_cis_edge_functions_actions
    • data/ibm_cis_edge_functions_triggers


  • datasource: Support pools attribute for is_lb datasource (#1895)

  • resource: Support of renew certificate in certificates manager (#1909)

  • resource: Support update of parameters for resource instance (#1705)

  • resource: Support for NLB load balancers in VPC (#1937)

  • resource: Migrate HPCS endpoints to domain (#1932)

  • resource: Support retry of VPC instance to recover from a perpetual "starting" or "stopping" state by using "force_recovery_time" argument (#1934)

  • resource: Support customer health check request headers for Cloud Internet Services (#1844)

  • resource: Support ibm_iam_service_id (data / resouce) should return iam_id (#1820)

  • resource: Support ICD Service endpoint doesn't exist for region: "che01" (#1894)


  • Fix the instance template destroy error (#1886)

  • Fix the delete of ibm_cdn resource (#1925)

  • Fix the provision of free cluster (#1901)

  • Fix the ibm_container_addons not working on other resource_group !=Default (#1920)

  • Fix the crash of ibm_is_subnet datasource with empty identifier (#1933)

  • Fix Instance Group/AutoScale Max count should be 1000 not 100 (#1889)

  • Fix ibm_pi_instance not failing on ERROR state (#1879)

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