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IBM Cloud Terraform Provider v1.11.0

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2 years ago

IBM Cloud Terraform Provider for Terraform version >0.12.x


  • data/ibm_is_public_gateway: Support for ibm_is_public_gateway (#1745)
  • data/ibm_is_floating_ip: Support for ibm_is_floating_ip (#1794)


  • resource: Allow configuration of the key used to encrypt IBM Cloud Databases backups (#1761)

  • Support customer managed volume encryption for VPC Nextgen (#1673)

  • Support virtual cores capability for power instance instance (#1798)

  • Support for interconnecting two ibm cloud functions by target_url (#1526)

  • Support for cross account Transist Gateway (#1021)


  • ibm_tg_gateway delete is not complete when it has reported deleted (#1783)

  • Fix the IAM IP address restriction for invited user (#1780)

  • VPC instance datasource failing to fetch the correct instance (#1801)

  • Fix ibm_is_network_acl Validate name input field of ACL Rules (#1262)

  • Fix for datasource ibm_cis_domain only retrieve 20 domains (#1804)

  • Fix iam_access_group_policy with addition of account_management doesn't apply (#1551)

  • Fix error received - Current user does not have access to team directory (#1536)

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