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IBM Cloud Provider v0.7.0

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5 years ago

Added support for the following new resources/data sources:

  • IBM Cloud Functions:

    • Package (ibm_function_package)
    • Action (ibm_function_action)
    • Trigger (ibm_function_trigger)
    • Rule (ibm_function_rule)
  • Infrastructure resources

    • Gateway appliance (ibm_network_gateway)
    • Gateway VLAN association (ibm_network_gateway_vlan_association)

Enhancement to order the following on exising resources:

  • GPUs for bare metal
  • Unbonded/redundant port-speed for hourly bare metal
  • Secondary IP , ipv6 for bare metal
  • Restricted network speed for monthly bare metal
  • IPV6 primary and public static on bare metal and VM

Provider level enhancement

  • Retry for network related errors like timeout or when API rate limit exceeds a particular value for infrastructure related resources. The number of retries being configurable at provider level.

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