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IBM Cloud Terraform Provider v0.26.0

latest releases: v1.51.0, v1.51.0-beta0, v1.50.0...
2 years ago

NOTE : For creating either vpc-classic (generation=1) or vpc-gen2 (generation=2) IKS cluster, generation parameter needs to be set either in provider block or export via environment variable “IC_GENERATION”. By default the generation value is 2.



  • resource : Add support for resource group argument in ibm_is_network_acl (#1265)
  • resource : Support for IKS on Gen-2 (beta service) (#1321)
  • resource : Update functionality support for cis resources (#1180)
  • resource : Add support for crn attribute for is_vpc (#1315 )
  • data : Add support for crn attribute for is_vpc (#1317)


  • resource : Fix the nil pointer exception for ibm_is_lb_listener resource (#1289)

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