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IBM Cloud Terraform Provider v0.24.2

latest releases: v1.52.0-beta0, v1.51.0, v1.51.0-beta0...
3 years ago


  • resource/ibm_is_vpc: Improved error message for VPC creation (#1106)
  • resource/ibm_is_ssh_key: Improved error message for VPC SSH Key creation (#1105)
  • resource/ibm_container_cluster : Added gateway feature support for IKS clusters. This feature helps to create a cluster with a gateway worker pool of two gateway worker nodes that are connected to public and private VLANs to provide limited public access, and a compute worker pool of compute worker nodes that are connected to the private VLAN only.
    ( #1125)
  • data/ibm_conatiner_cluster_config : Extended the data source to provide additional attribute like admin_key, admin_certificate, ca_certificate, host and token. This attributes helps to connect to other providers like Kubernetes and Helm without loading cluster config file. (#895)


  • doc/ibm_certificate_manager_order: Changed the type of rotate_key from string to bool (#1110)
  • resource/ibm_is_instance: Fix for updating security group for primary network interface for vpc instance. Now users can add or delete security groups( #1078)
  • doc/ibm_resource_key : Provided an example in the docs as a workaround to create credentials using serviceID parameter (#1121)
  • resource/ibm_is_network_acl : Fix for crash during the update of rules. Fix for the order of rules creation. Now users can add or delete rules for network_acl ( #1117)
  • resource/ibm_is_public_gateway : Added support for resource group and tags parameters (#1102)
  • resource/ibm_is_floating_ip : Added support for tags parameters (#1131)
  • resource/ibm_database : Parameters remote_leader_id, key_protect_instance and key_protect_key can’t be updated after creation. ( #1111)
  • example/ibm-key-protect : Updated example to create an authorisation policy between COS and Key Protect instance(#1133)
  • resource/ibm_resource_group: Removed suppression of error during deletion (#1108)
  • resource/ibm_iam_user_invite : Fix for inviting user from IBM Cloud lite account. (#1114)

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