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Valetudo 0.6.1



This is merely a small fix release.

With 0.6.1, valetudo doesn't segfault anymore when using a domain name as the mqtt host.
Furthermore, zones are now back to being cleaned once instead of ten times.

If you've arrived at this release and haven't seen the 0.6.0 release notes yet, I strongly encourage you to do so now.

Autogenerated changelog:


  • mqtt: Added sw_version to mqtt autodiscovery to fix #568 (a23d5af)

Bug Fixes

  • mqtt: Fix segfault on mqtt hostname resolution (b2410ff)
  • mqtt: Fixed #571 mqtt pause status (8b06203)
  • ui: Fix mqtt settings checkboxes (039b741)
  • ui: Restore context after drawing active zone (4f7ec2c)
  • vacuum.roborock: Don't multiply iterations by 10 to fix #573 (f3cc935)
  • override dns.lookup to mitigate static nodejs segfaults (41f3e98)
2 months ago