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Valetudo 0.5.3



With this release, Valetudo is upgraded to a stripped NodeJS 14.4.0 runtime, which brings both smaller binary size as well as enhanced performance.

Furthermore, the long awaited cleaning of multiple zones via the Web Interface is finally here.

If you had root access to your Roborock S6/T6/S4/T4 or M1S, you could now use Valetudo as well.
There will be a guide on how to do that in the near future. Be aware, that no new features beyond those which are already available on the S5 are supported yet.

If you're a Valetudo developer, your life has become a lot easier with 0.5.3.
Robot Model, Webserver Port and all the relevant settings are now configured via the config.json. No more messing around with ENV variables.

Here's the autogenerated changelog:


  • Initial Support for Roborock T/S4 and M1S (24579f7)
  • Try to write a backup in case we're overwriting an invalid configuration file. (#537) (e738491)
  • ui: Allow select of multiple zones for zone clean (#535) (1a29155)
  • Added debug config option to continuously log memory usage (d96eb15)
  • Added option to fully configure model information via the config file (#497) (e241c1d)
  • Initial support for S6 T6 and S5 Max (f417b4d)

Bug Fixes

  • mqtt: Removed unnecessary availability topic mitigation (b76ce14)
  • Always assume embedded operation unless specified otherwise (#536) (7585f86)
  • Removed useless app_get_locale functionality to fix #532 (ffc06d6)
  • Simplify embedded logic now that 'auto' is gone. #536 (b9097a6)
  • mqtt: Update availability topic on each attribute topic update to fix false offline status (af69673)
  • ui: Fix #527 not working close and cancel buttons in timer settings (e2ea1ce)
  • ui: Hide forbidden zones editor menu item on gen 1 (#382) (32e9416)
latest releases: 0.6.1, 0.6.0
4 months ago