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Valetudo 0.5.2



This release contains a new and reworked Iconset for the map view as well as support for displaying detected rooms.

Furthermore, these are the first release notes which feature semi-autogenerated changelogs utilizing Conventional Commits


  • mqtt: Add availability as last will (b196625)
  • ui: Display Model information in Info Page (8db6ca2)
  • Always log Stacktrace on unclean exit code (e2a542c)
  • vacuum.roborock: Add backup map restore to vacuum class (2b76965)
  • vacuum.roborock: added more events without handler (3bbdd80)
  • log process exit code + debug log process exit stacktrace (afd7e5a)
  • mqtt: added time and area information to mqtt attributes (9eaf848)
  • ui: Added and reworked icons, fixed rendering bugs and fully enabled map dark mode (4c181ae)
  • new robot + charger icon (964b935)
  • Parse and render segments (386c344)
  • mqtt: split broker_url in multiple fields (c41f6da)
  • Upgrade MQTT to 4.0.0 (#518) (6063775)

Bug Fixes

  • api: remove passwords from /api/get_config (18261bb)
  • ui: Fixed virtual wall placement (6724e55)
  • ui: Removed misleading firmware version which was actually the miio_client version (ac757b2)
  • vacuum: missing roborock onStatusChange implementation (cd42a7e)
  • vacuum.roborock: getCurrentStatus should return a promise (dd63d75)
  • vacuum.roborock: Limit maximum amount of virtual walls according to firmware limits (6787826)
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