github Hypercontext/linkifyjs v4.0.0-beta.1

pre-release4 months ago

Breaking Changes

  • Removed deprecated linkifyjs/string, linkifyjs/html, linkifyjs/plugins/* packages
  • Refactored scanner internals break plugins created with Linkify v3
  • Links that begin with mailto: now have type url instead of email


  • linkify.find() function accepts a third options argument for output formatting
  • Link token methods toFormattedString(options), toFormattedHref(options) and toFormattedObject(options) that accept a linkify.Options object
  • New render option to override link rendering
  • More granular scanner tokens for improved plugin flexibility
  • Second optionalSlashSlash argument for registerCustomProtocol to allow links that don't require // after scheme:


  • Improved HTML entity parsing with linkify-html
  • Improved link detection with mixed languages
  • Consistent option availability across interfaces (including truncate)

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