github Hypercontext/linkifyjs v2.1.0

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5 years ago


  • The dist/jquery.linkify.js 1.x legacy browser files have been permanently
    removed from the release bundle.
    • Use linkify.js and linkify-jquery.js instead.
  • The deprecated newLine option from linkify 1.x has been completely removed.



  • The linkAttributes option is deprecated in favour of just attributes.
  • The linkClass option is deprecated in favour of className.
  • The default .linkified class is deprecated and will be fully removed
    in a future release.

To maintain compatibility with versions >= 2.1, make sure options objects
include these properties instead of linkAttributes and linkClass

All Changes

  • Build optimizations to make compiled AMD payload smaller
  • Bugfix in quick-es3 task
  • Make better use of ES6 modules and rollup
  • Tickets plugin (#156)
  • Additional Mentions features, enhancements, and tests (#155)
  • Mentions plugin (#111)
  • Revamped options utility (#154)
  • Linkify React Interface (#150)
  • Development upgrades (#153)

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