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HeliBoard 1.0

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12 days ago

Changes since 1.0-alpha1:

  • new icon by @FabianOvrWrt with contributions from @the-eclectic-dyslexic (#517, #592)
  • more customizable space bar trackpad and language switch by @arcarum (#486)
  • add % to shift symbols layout (#568, #428)
  • improve behavior when language switch key is set to switch both language and keyboard
  • show links to existing dictionaries when adding a dictionary
  • add Kaitag layout by @alkaitagi (#519)
  • add Probhat layout by @fahimscirex (#489)
  • optionally reverse toolbar order for RTL languages by @codokie (#557, #574)
  • allow customizing special layouts (numpad, phone, ...)
    • still experimental, as the base layouts may change
  • updated spellchecker.xml to include locales where dictionaries are available, but not included in app
  • update translations (thanks to all translators!)
  • upgrade ndk by @syphyr (#560)
  • upgrade inline autofill code by @arcarum (#595)
  • fix issue with toolbar key dialog (#505)
  • fix issue with turkish layout (#508)
  • fix wrong switch states when rotating in customize colors screen (#563)
  • fix issue with recent emojis not loading (#527)
  • fix issue with numbers not appearing in certain fields (#585)
  • some minor fixes

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