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4 years ago

This is a maintenance release which contains mainly bugfixes.

  • Bugfixes:

    • Crash in foreign key dropdown editor
    • Crash when killing processes on very long running servers
    • SQL error when accessing UUID and JSON columns in PostgreSQL via SUBSTR
    • MSSQL: Prefer "schema.table" quoting over "schema"."table" when renaming a table
    • Fix column type converted to locale string format by String.ToUpper in TDBConnection.GetCreateCode - prefer String.ToUpperInvariant instead, to avoid funny characters in data types
    • MSSQL: Do not pass "Database=xyz" to connection string if database(s) setting contains more than one database
    • MSSQL: Try to use some universal date/time format, by injecting a "T" between the date and the time portion
    • Fix wrong detection of BIT default values
    • Use "SET search_path TO db" instead of "SET SCHEMA db" for changing a database in PostgreSQL, for downward compatibility reasons
    • Prepend 'E' to escaped PostgreSQL strings
    • Use updated URL for MariaDB Explain analyzer, and encode semicolon in URL parameter
    • User manager: Select "authentication_string" instead of "password" column on MySQL 5.7.6+
    • Fix various selection bugs in column selection panel
    • Fix SQL error in "Copy table" dialog, in PostgreSQL mode. Use lowercase table and column names in IS.TABLES, so PG can find them
    • CSV import: Disable features supported in MySQL only, if active connection is not MySQL
    • PostgreSQL: Always keep public schema in search path, so one can use procedures from it without prefixing
    • Text import: Use very last value from last row, even if it's not followed by a field or line terminator
    • PostgreSQL: Fix wrong ALTER TABLE query for modifying table comment
    • Update VirtualTree component code to v6.1.0, to fix graphical issues in Windows 8 + 10
  • Enhancements:

    • Show error when SSH port is already in use
    • Add support for PostgreSQL's data types uuid, cidr, inet and macaddr
    • Strip folder path from various file settings, including plink.exe location, if it's the application directory
    • Try higher ports, up to the 20 next ones, as SSH local port, when the configured one is in use
    • Display session name in caption of all message dialogs
    • Add a custom icon for confirmation dialogs, with a question mark on it, so we don't have to use the "i" icon.
    • Use server time for data grid > "Insert value" menu items
    • Show line breaks other than Windows style as normal line breaks in text editor
  • New features:

    • Introduce option for setting the line break style in text cells without breaks
    • Session manager: Add support for SSL cipher, and add various texthints

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