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11 months ago

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Still need 32bit support?

  • I am planning to drop the 32bit releases in a future release, for keeping the installer package small, and to decrease deployment efforts. Tell me what you think about it.

3rd party updates:

New stuff:

  • Log DDL and/or DML queries per session to custom file path (issue #397)
  • Grid text editor:
    • syntax highlighting for 64 code languages, including JSON and XML (issue #136)
    • gutter with line numbers and marks for edited lines
    • now using search/replace dialog with regular expression support
  • Enable query timeout setting for MySQL and MariaDB (issue #1306)
  • Show check constraints on MySQL, MSSQL and PostgreSQL (issue #1298)
  • New menu Query > "Editor commands", revealing available quick actions for SQL editors
  • Create "Editor commands" menu in "Query" main menu, and populate it with all available editor commands
  • Add new preference option for displaying hexadecimal content in lowercase

Bugfixes and enhancements:

  • Query tab resizes after minimize (issue #1113)
  • Foreign key add issue (issue #1320)
  • Cannot update/insert postgres jsonb column from data editor (issue #1321)
  • MariaDB 10.5: REPLICATION CLIENT privilege was renamed to BINLOG MONITOR (issue #1302)
  • Quoted column default value expression on Percona (issue #1282)
  • Cannot delete row in MSSQL (issue #1294)
  • Always read portable settings file and imported settings file in UTF8 mode, instead of auto-detecting a potentially wrong encoding. Fixes broken characters loaded from a portable file larger than the examined 16 (?) KB
  • Database search feature: prefer a normal log line for tables with no matching data type, so the "Found rows" column has a number, to fix wrong sorting
  • function COALESCE is identified as plain text, not function (issue #1342)
  • Non-synchronized checkbox state on privileges in user manager tree (issue #1352)
  • Auto-scroll grid when tabbing through cells
  • Run SQL button disabled after reconnect (issue #1319)
  • Don't repeat running prompt to reload a file after multiple external changes (issue #821)
  • Fix identifier quoting when creating a foreign key in a database with dots in its name (issue #1364)
  • Increase maximum pixel width of status bar panels slightly, so these better fit with a larger font size. (issue #1356)
  • Get rid of quotes around hex values and integers in quick filters
  • Fix crash happening when using un/comment action. (issue #1359)
  • include column names in "copy as" submenu export actions by default (issue #1357)
  • Restore/keep cursor position in filter editor after refresh
  • Detect pressed shift key before prompting for filter value. (issue #588)
  • Fix wrong query duration in log panel after multiple queries in "one-go" mode
  • Unhide public schema on Redshift
  • Table tools: auto-fit column widths with each result grid update, and show execution time in main status bar
  • Enable menu items for EXPLAIN <query> on PostgreSQL and SQLite

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