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2 years ago

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New features and enhancements in this version:

  • Theme preview in preferences dialog
  • "Library" dropdown in session manager, to enhance support for older and newer MySQL and MariaDB versions
  • Various new shortcuts in the "Go to" menu, e.g. for switching between result and query area
  • Support newer plink versions for SSH tunneled connections
  • Grid rightclick on cell: "Open in webbrowser" for fields containing a web url
  • Support for client_ed25519 MariaDB plugin
  • Support for SSH tunneled connections to PostgreSQL servers
  • Support for SSL on PostgreSQL servers
  • "Same text" background color in grid now applies to neigbour fields in selected row as well
  • Support for connections to Amazon Redshift (basically older PostgreSQL servers)
  • Restored query tabs also restore bind parameters
  • New option in grid export dialog: "Remove linebreaks from data"
  • New option to remove DEFINER clauses in SQL export option drop-down
  • Increase compatibility of table editor on PostgreSQL


  • Reverts earlier attempts for native high DPI support, so scaling is done by Windows again (blurry but less buggy)
  • Auto-detected Chinese localization fixed
  • Compatibility to MySQL 4 restored
  • Various fixes for SSL on MySQL and MariaDB
  • Fixed broken "undo" after auto-uppercased SQL keyword
  • Fixed crash when switching to table/database with same name on different server
  • Fixed invisible column comments on PostgreSQL
  • Fixed unsupported def.adsrc on PostgreSQL 12
  • Ctrl+Backspace in text boxes deletes left word, instead of writing cryptic character
  • Fixed update SQL for JSON columns in PostgreSQL
  • Fixed disappearing table comments after saving
  • Fixed warning about unsafe query when fooled with a commented WHERE clause

Complete change list:

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