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2 years ago

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New features and enhancements in this version:

  • High resolution icons from Icons8
  • Save and restore query tabs automatically
  • PostgreSQL connection over SSH tunnel
  • Configurable web search engine for help links in footer of message dialogs
  • Support for DATETIMEOFFSET data types on MSSQL
  • Table designer: Support for custom expressions in column default values
  • Caching of "SELECT 1234::regclass" queries on PostgreSQL connections
  • New data grid menu item "Duplicate row with keys" (besides the old one "Duplicate row without keys)
  • Support for TLS versions up to 1.3 in MySQL connections


  • Text search on PostgreSQL works properly now
  • Auto-uppercase feature does not touch column names on table aliases
  • Enhanced Material theme colors
  • Artefacts in query editor when using non-default theme

Complete change list:

If you liked the old Silk icons more: they are still there. You can switch back in Tools > Preferences > General > Icon Pack.

Wine users: You will probably need a newer Wine version, as recent ones did not work with HeidiSQL. Wine 4.10 runs fine according to some user feedback.

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