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3 years ago

This is a new release with quite a few new features, some enhancements and many bugfixes.

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Most noticable new features and enhancements:

  • Basic support for high DPI scaling on modern screens with 4K resolutions (work in progress)
  • Theme support: many stylish themes selectable, dark and light ones, and even one user contributed dark Material theme
  • Predefined color presets for data types and SQL code in preferences dialog
  • Support for connecting to MySQL 8 servers, with the help of caching_sha2_password plugin from MariaDB
  • Portable version downloads now have a portable.lock file, and do no longer overwrite your portable_settings.txt
  • Auto uppercase writing of SQL keywords in editors
  • Switch to Microsoft OLE DB driver for SQL Server connections, to support TLS 1.2 secured connections
  • Data grids with highlighted cells in view port having the same content as the focused one
  • No Direct2D overriding required anymore when running on Wine
  • more solved issues

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