github GoogleContainerTools/kpt v0.31.0


6be7defb Add CloudBuild
f639595f Add GitLab CI
cc28afb7 Add PR template
631e9771 Add export command with GitHubActions support
51112435 Add openAPI schema from Kptfile
07e86c4a Add pathutil
4be5d836 Add structured results section and link to toolchain used to make catalog functions
0c19e821 Add test suites for exporting GitHub Actions pipelines
8cd9a9dc Bump cli-utils to v0.16.0, kyaml to v0.4.0, and cmd/config to v0.4.0
d8a61a20 Check --fn-path
72ac4ec6 Check that we have the path argument before reading Kptfile
e97fd381 Clarify links, add functions to catalog
8a5ab447 Convert input paths to relative format
2fc7f407 Create a next version of the example package
192062a7 Docs: Add Google Search Console and Analytics tags
a7b42880 Docs: Release site with production tag
3dbdf872 Docs: Update catalog with kustomize and kubeval
b8a7edca Docs: Update catalog with set-namespace go function
fe5b3709 Document typescript function exec runtime example
181fd5dc Fix formatting lint error
f46e09cc Fix typo in function doc
d2a334ee Fixed sync set strategy bug
6920855c Goreleaser setup for kpt
150defb1 Handle generating pipeline failure
9025a5e0 Move pathutil package into cmdexport
9269520d Regenerate docs
eeeb7f88 Regenerate docs
8e1a71ca Regenerate docs
77c99f16 Regenerate docs
58c7dec1 Rename kpt function to config function
d5d6d785 Simplify the implementation of WithinDirectory
945bdc4b Support exporting Cloud Build pipelines
acdd5845 Supporting exporting GitLab CI piplelines
7bf1a36d Transfer kpt-functions sdk and catalog docs to kpt
b8bcc204 Update pull request template
dd8e2444 add delete setter cmd from kustomize
3134e8f0 doc for delete setter
6e69c126 generate docs

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6 months ago