github GoogleCloudPlatform/spark-on-k8s-operator v1beta2-1.1.2-2.4.5
Release v1beta2-1.1.2 with Spark 2.4.5

latest releases: spark-operator-chart-1.1.27, spark-operator-chart-1.1.26, v1beta2-1.3.8-3.1.1...
2 years ago

This is a bug fix release based on Spark 2.4.5. Notable fixes/enhancements include:

  • #935: added the container port for exposing Spark metrics in Prometheus data format.
  • #914: support customization of Spark driver UI port and ingress configuration.
  • #898: fixed how default values of certain fields get applied.
  • #876: fix for #868.
  • #867: fix for termination time when using sidecars.
  • #852: added a new metric on job start latency.
  • #847: fix around use of metricsProperties and hasPrometheusConfigFile.
  • Other fixes and refactoring.

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