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Release v1beta2-1.0.0 with Spark 2.4.4

latest releases: spark-operator-chart-1.1.27, spark-operator-chart-1.1.26, v1beta2-1.3.8-3.1.1...
3 years ago

This is the first release with the new v1beta2 version of the API (#578). This release also includes an upgrade to Spark 2.4.4 (#625) for both the operator image and Spark images for the various language bindings. This release includes the following enhancements and bug fixes:

  • Support for high-availability mode with leader election (#518, #575).
  • Allow PodSecurityContext to be overridden (#528).
  • Spark pod mutating webhook enhancements (#543).
  • A new ResourceQuota enforcement webhook (#544 ).
  • Switch to using controller-gen to generate/update CRD yamls (#578).
  • Integration with Volcano for batch scheduling (#567, #585, #599, #606).
  • TTL support for SparkApplications (#615).
  • Bug fixes.
  • Documentation enhancements.

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