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Release v1alpha1-0.3

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pre-release4 years ago

This is an alpha release with API version v1alpha1 for Spark 2.3.x and up (including the Spark master branch or 2.4.0-SNAPSHOT). It includes the following list of features and changes:

  • Support for exposing application-level (exposed and served by the operator) as well as driver and executor metrics to Prometheus.
  • Support for automatically uploading local application dependencies to S3 in sparkctl.
  • New mutating admission webhook that replaced the old initializer for pod customization.
  • Support for using pod affinity/anti-affinity, mounting arbitrary volumes to the driver/executors, using image pull secret (requires a Spark image built from the Spark master).
  • PySpark support (requires a Spark image built from the Spark master).
  • Documentation enhancements.

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