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Cloud Code v1.7.1

Version 1.7.1 Release Notes

New Features

  • Project Selection Flows: The project selector has been refreshed to deliver an improved UX, faster load times, and recent projects listed first. The project selection/login/logout should sync between all webviews and explorers.

project selection flows

  • Refresh GKE Explorer: The look and feel of the GKE Explorer is now consistent with the Secret Manager Explorer and the Cloud Run Explorer.
  • YAML Editing Support: YAML editing support can now accurately be limited to a subdirectory under the working directory by setting cloudcode.yaml.yamlFileMatcher. Learn more


  • Replace general icons with VSCode Codicons for commands.
  • Improved Cloud Run (fully managed) support:
    • Allocate up to 4 vCPUs to container instances with the increased limit.


  • #292 Fix .NET debugging fails to open a source file when the breakpoint is hit.
  • #239 Refresh AKS cluster UI after modifying the active subscription.
latest release: v1.7.2
one month ago