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Cloud Code v1.7.0

Cloud Code v1.7.0 (2020-10-29)

New Features

  • Secret Manager Support: Many applications require credentials to connect to a database, API keys to invoke a service, or certificates for authentication. Cloud Code now integrates with Google Cloud's Secret Manager to make it easy to create, view, update, and use secrets from within your IDE so you can keep this sensitive data out of your codebase and keep your applications secure. Get started today by viewing secrets, creating a new secret, or add secret manager API support to your code. You can learn more about Secret Manager support from the Cloud Code Secret Manager documentation.

  • Minikube Credentials Support: When running or debugging on Cloud Run Emulator or minikube, Cloud Code will automatically set up the minikube gcp-auth addon. This will enable you to use your Google developer credentials to authenticate Google API client libraries in your apps when running in these environments with zero configuration required. Cloud Code also has a new login flow to ensure you have developer credentials installed when you login.

  • Managed Dependencies in Integrated Terminal: You can now use Cloud Code managed dependency CLIs, such as minikube and gcloud, through VSCode Integrated Terminals.


  • Improved Cloud Run (fully managed) support:

    • Deploy Cloud Run services from your IDE to these newly added regions. View the full supported list here.

    • Allocate up to 4GiB of memory to your services with the increased quota.


  • #286 #313 Minikube status checks are aggressive and lead to generating more log files that can slow down other build tools. The change is to remove the live status bar but use minikube status bar to monitor status of different profiles and is less invasive.

  • Cloud run emulator didn’t bootstrap itself on windows since it chose the hyper-v that got blocked on the need for special permissions, Cloud code now defaults to using docker driver for the emulator.

  • #314 Regions are not available when I use "Deploy to Cloud Run"

latest releases: v1.7.2, v1.7.1
2 months ago