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Cloud Code v1.5.0

Version 1.5.0 Release Notes

New Features:

  1. Cloud Run local development: Develop Cloud Run applications locally using minikube clusters with the newly added Run and Debug on Cloud Run Emulator commands.
  2. Expanded CRD support: Cloud Code has expanded CRD support to include validation, documentation on hover, and code completions for hundreds of popular Kubernetes Custom Resources.
  3. Buildpacks support: Choose how you build your images with Cloud Code's builder options of Docker and newly supported addition, Google Cloud buildpacks.
  4. Auto-generate configuration experience for existing K8s apps: The auto-generation configuration UI you encounter when using an existing application with Cloud Code now allows you to specify all available build and configuration settings.
  5. Improved New Application UI: Create a new application easily with the updated New Application UI which uses the system file picker to help you quickly place new files in a familiar way. You can rename the new application folder through your system file.

Bug Fixes:

We have made great progress in improving the usability and reliability of the product by fixing issues across the Cloud Code tool chain as part of this release.

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