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ugrep v5.1.2

latest releases: v5.1.4, v5.1.3
21 days ago

What's new?

  • updated configure and makefiles to improve SIMD (SSE2/AVX2/AVX512BW/NEON/AArch64) detection and cross-compilation
  • removed unused m4/ax_check scripts, adding corresponding PKG_CHECK_MODULES to instead
  • update some of the ctype function calls to avoid potential signedness pitfalls
  • AIX build #374
  • use statfs() with options --include-fs and --exclude-fs when the preferred statvfs() is not available
  • suppress --filter utility stderr messages when ugrep options -s (--no-messages) and -q (--quiet) are used #377
  • fix Cygwin --filter utility hanging after fork when worker threads are active, by forcing single-threaded search (a bit crude, but Cygwin fork isn't identical to Unix fork)
  • support the NO_COLOR environment variable to suppress color output
  • fix TUI scroll glitch (cursor down to scroll screen content up) in non-split screen (glitch appeared when adding the split screen feature)
  • TUI line selection mode top row number indicator added, for consistency
  • TUI quit & output after line selection mode now behaves the same as non-TUI search output, for consistency
  • faster -q (--quiet) search

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