github GeekyAnts/NativeBase v2.15.2

  • ViewPropTypes replaced with PropTypes.shape d869ec13
  • Fixes Icon/selection.json build issue: … Module not found: Can't resolve '../basic/Icon/selection.json’ cb5da413
  • Addresses Expo Web Compatibility Fixes: - [X] Use prop-types instead of ViewPropTypes from react-native 99584438
  • date picker value issue fix 10ff0166
  • Change imports for react native picker to reference updated package e0fb6e61
  • added useNativeDriver to Animated.timing of ToastContainer db7c9a98
  • added useNativeDriver:false to Animated.spring of Fab 0e0e02f0
  • added useNativeDriver:false to Animated.decay of DeckSwiper c1e4a42f
  • refactor: Fixed linter warnings 4b57120f
  • AccordianDisableRow: Disable color 36e07e16
  • update fonts fix bug unexpected icon #3213 e200f708
  • Icomoon icons added 69f58eac
  • use PureComponent for performance 8fd4bdcc
  • Fix for TickColor in Checkbox 16caff9c
  • borderColor and fix checkboxType ac36ba03
  • checkboxType 0a383af3
  • FontSize fix for textHeading in scrollable tabs 229fd8b7
  • Fix: [ITEM] Floating label input with icon bug #2835 19ec8390

latest releases: v3.0.0-next.11, v3.0.0-next.10, v3.0.0-next.9...
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