github GeekyAnts/NativeBase v2.13.15

  • Changed rowspan prop for textarea 150fc24e
  • Made bordered and underline props for Textarea optional b21233e4
  • fix: Optionally disable Toast swipe-to-dismiss to resolve dismissal issues on Hauwei devices on RN >=0.62.2 c693b829
  • picker import issue fix dad37fbe
  • Fab: don't use TouchableNativeFeedback.Ripple if not Android f62104de
  • Fix disabled true/false have the same effect on Tab (issue#2833) ea0311d8
  • Added useNativeDriver:false to Animated.spring fab47583
  • Accordion Header Index and Content Index - added 3b70e3b3
  • fix: missing value Fontisto added to IconNB's prop types 1f1ecd71

latest releases: v3.0.0-next.14, v3.0.0-next.13, v3.0.0-next.12...
one month ago