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2.0.0-alpha1 (2016-02-05)

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pre-release6 years ago


Due to numerous contributions that have been merged over the last 2 years in the master branch, this very first, very unstable, release starts the release cycle of the upcoming 2.0 major version. Things changed a lot between the initial plan, and what has been actually done, but there are a few interesting changes though.

Note that branch 1.x has been merge in master, so everything that is part of 1.x is also part of 2.x.

  • Added: TypeScript declaration file, for TypeScript users
  • Added: Support for Symfony3, HHVM and PHP 7
  • Added: Protection against rosetta flash attacks
  • Added: Inject the locale parameter automatically
  • Fixed: use ConfigCache::getPath() instead of __toString() method
  • Added: allow to configure router service name (#141)
  • Fixed: documentation
  • Fixed: serialization of RouteCollection and RoutesResponse
  • Fixed: debug command '(#109)

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