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20 months ago

Release Notes

Plugin development

We have fixed the URL for reporting plugin errors to point directly at the plugin’s own repository. This means when users experience plugin errors, instead of previously directing them to create an issue in Flow’s repository, they will now be creating an issue in the repository of the plugin. If you find that the error is actually from Flow, please feel free to create an issue to let us know so we can fix it.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed plugin exceptions handling to include the correct URL for reporting plugin errors

  • Fixed missing Spanish & Spanish Latin America languages

  • Fixed an issue where the error reporting URL opens twice

  • Changed the maximum allowed search window width from 900 to 1920

  • Fixed crashing when setting flow to start up with Windows and user does not have registry access

  • Fixed plugin info not displaying when multiple action keywords exist

  • Fixed an issue causing fonts on search window and result list to not update when changed

  • Fixed theme fonts not changing separately for search window and result list

  • Fixed incorrect cursor position in some scenarios where the Custom Query or Shell plugin's Win+R hotkey is used

  • Added missing ability to open plugin website from the context menu

  • Fixed random error 'IndexOutOfRangeException'

  • Fixed random error 'Object reference null exception'


We would like to directly mention and thank the following people (in alphabetical order) for their contribution and support in this release.

@gissehel, @nachmore, @onesounds, @softwareengineerofficial, @taooceros and everyone who has joined discussions, added translations, created plugins, reviewed pull requests, put through their ideas or reported bugs.

A big thank you to @appwrite and @itsonlyfrans for sponsoring us! ❤️

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