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22 months ago

Release Notes

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a potential security issue with NuGet.CommandLine used in our release pipeline

  • Fixed shell cmd command when used with quotes and spaces

  • Fixed occasional NullReferenceException error

  • Updated Python download mirrors

  • Fixed font-anti-aliasing

  • Fixed decimal separator when used as part of the query

  • Fixed plugins inside settings window to expand correctly and fill the entire window when required

  • Updated Shell plugin's default setting for replacing Win+R hotkey to off

  • Fixed incorrect button visibility in Explorer plugin's setting panel

  • Updated Explorer's path search to not use index by default when searching inside directories

  • Fixed a silent error thrown when Chromium bookmarks are loaded

  • Fixed typos in context menu result's plugin title and WindowsSettings' name

  • Fixed the occasional error 'No process is associated with this object'


We would like to directly mention and thank the following people (in alphabetical order) for their contribution and support in this release.

@ethhaqn, @duurland, @lupinehorror, @mbrgm, @medlir, @onesounds, @Silventino, @taooceros and everyone who has joined discussions, added translations, created plugins, reviewed pull requests, put through their ideas or reported bugs.

A big thank you to @hahaleyile for sponsoring us! ❤️

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