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2 years ago

Release Notes

Bug fixes

  • Updated translations via Crowdin

  • Fixed an error which caused JavaScript/TypeScript plugins to error when used

  • Fixed default browser setting's new tab & new window strings, they are now translatable

  • Fixed autocomplete text being slightly misaligned in certain situations

  • Fixed an issue causing Flow to crash during startup due to animation for the main search window not finished loading whilst being available for use

  • Fixed a Bookmark plugin key string issue

  • Notification of plugin manifest download failure has been changed to silent during app start up and update checks

  • Adjusted vertical alignment and margins for Python plugin's settings panel

  • Small design fixes in the Settings window

  • Fixed incorrect cursor position in some scenarios

  • Removed less used subtitle highlighting

  • Updated Plugin API's documentation


We would like to directly mention and thank the following people (in alphabetical order) for their contribution and support in this release.

@Garulf, @JohnTheGr8 @kubalav, @onesounds, @taooceros and everyone who has joined discussions, added translations, put through their ideas or reported bugs.

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