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3 years ago

Release Notes


  • Added search using acronyms
  • Add and remove files or folders in Explorer's Quick Access via context menu, you can now also launch Quick Access files
  • Added additional functionalities to Flow's IPlugin interface, this means plugins can all utilise:
    • FuzzySearch to search for user's query against strings and text
    • Http.GetAsync, Http.GetStreamAsync and Http.DownloadAsync to download from the web
    • Plugins can also use add & remove ActionKeyword fuctionalities
  • Improve Explorer plugin's handling of long running files and folders search, additionally enhanced result list update speed
  • Hide Flow's progress bar when search window is hidden
  • Auto re-index Programs plugin when re-index has not run for more than 3 days
  • New themes Nord, Nord Darker and BlurBlack Darker
  • Improved the logic for how search results are rendered and new results are added to the results list
  • Added plugin priority setting, you can now set the priority of each plugin's result manually
  • Added ability to manually reload the plugin manifest list, use reload plugin data
  • Updated to avoid the task allocation during image processing
  • Improved search window's icon(magnifying glass) rendering and quality
  • Improved plugin's asynchronous operations and introduced new async interfaces
  • Create and deploy releases from CI
  • Upgraded the library used to load settings
  • Added Slovak translation for PluginsManager

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue where the query c:\> does not use directory search
  • Fixed missing translation files
  • Use wildcard to include images in projects
  • Fixed error causing PluginsManager unable to install plugins
  • Added additional error handling and error logging when updating/downloading plugins #270
  • Fixed several untranslatable settings text
  • Fixed Slovak translation for settings, Url and WebSearch plugins text
  • Fixed Http Proxy not initilized at startup and not working in some case.
  • Fixed Explorer not opening folder path correctly when path contains a comma

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