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3 years ago

Release Notes


  • Added new icon for missing thumbnail image in search result instead of the error icon

  • ProcessKiller plugin's result is now sorted in ascending order by title

  • ProcessKiller kill all functionality enhancements

    • Do not show a "kill all instances" item in the context-menu of "kill all X processes"
    • Show name of the process when kill all is available and show the number of process that will be terminated
    • Hide the "kill all instances of X process" option when the associated executable path is empty

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue with Explorer's directory search when the file or folder has '#' in its name resulting in broken path display and unable to open

  • Fixed various unintended behaviours around Explorer's search

    • Fixed Quick Folder Access not triggering

    • Fixed behaviour to continue searching for files and folders using index search even when a match is found in Quick Folder Access list. This helps if user wants file/folder that has the same name in Quick Folder Access list but in different location

    • Prevent user from using global action keyword for content search

    • Exclude from Index Search when only '_' is typed

    • Fixed file extension search using '*' failing/not returning results

  • Fixed method typos in Flow.Launcher.Plugin

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