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16 months ago

Release Notes


We have discovered and corrected a misspelled key in some of the theme files - updated BaseItemHotkeySelecetedStyle to BaseItemHotkeySelectedStyle. Going forward the incorrect BaseItemHotkeySelecetedStyle key will be removed, which will then break themes that are still using it. If you have custom themes please do a quick find for this key and correct it.


  • Added ability to adjust the result height and icon size via theme file

  • Added ability to search for localized program names via the Program plugin

  • Added ability to insert the path of an active Explorer.exe window into Flow's search window via the builtin shortcut {active_explorer_path}

Bug fixes

  • Maximum 100 and Minimum -100 values have been added to disallow going above or below when setting the priority value for a plugin.

  • New translations have been added from Crowdin

  • Plugin name can now be searched by Plugin Indicator to find the action keyword

  • Hotkey validation has been added to prevent selecting unsupported keys

  • Settings reset issue for some users have been addressed

  • Log Off command from Sys plugin will now prompt before executing

  • The issue where Flow terminates silently during auto updating has been addressed

  • Glyph icons have been added for Explorer's 'Open With Shell' and 'Open With Editor' functionalities

  • Refactored clear log folder logic

  • Fixed Explorer plugin crashing when first input is colon ':'

  • Fixed how Explorer plugin treats environment variables and only expand when path starts with %

  • Fixed misspelled style key in theme files

  • Addressed a error where exception was caused when killing unused JSON-RPC process

  • Addressed an issue where Explorer plugin does not honour the UseLocationAsWorkingDir setting

  • Addressed the logic how the Program plugin displays program descriptions

  • Fixed many typos


We would like to directly mention and thank the following people (in alphabetical order) for their contribution and support in this release.

@onesounds, @stefnotch, @taooceros, @VictoriousRaptor, @z1nc0r3 and everyone who has joined discussions, added translations, created plugins, reviewed pull requests, put through their ideas or reported bugs.

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