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17 months ago

Release Notes


  • New Preview Panel

  • New clock & date display in search window

  • Plugin Store search

  • Ability to drag and drop files

  • New applications and bookmarks will now be automatically indexed, no need to manual reload

  • New and updated themes, don't forget to check them out

  • New keyboard shortcuts to adjust the search window's width and number of displayed results

  • Everything plugin is now part of Explorer plugin (remember to remove the existing standalone Everything plugin if installed)

  • Pre-releases are now available to try at Flow-Launcher/Prereleases


  • Bookmarks can now be loaded by browser with the ability to switch on/off

  • Adjusted general designs & texts of the search and settings window

  • Added open recycle bin and indexing option to commands to Sys plugin

  • Added Illustrations when setting custom query windows

  • Adjust plugin info area's look and feel

  • Added text focus to plugin & plugin store search box so can start typing to search

  • Added 'Become A Sponsor' Button in settings window

  • Improved and added new themes

  • Pre-releases are now deployed to Flow-Launcher/Prereleases

  • Updated setting window designs

  • Results appear higher up for a match that is closer to the start of the search string

  • Added ability to search programs in PATH

  • Support .url file searches via Programs plugin

  • Plugin Store plugin display is updated

  • Added 10th result hotkey

  • Added dragging and dropping files

  • Added uninstall button to each of plugin's settings

  • Added a 'Clear Log' button in About tab of settings

  • Added new keyboard shortcuts to adjust the search window's width and number of displayed results, as well as to toggle game mode on/off

  • Setting window's size and location will now be remembered

  • Added new search window positions, it can now appear based on the location of your mouse

  • Drive space will be displayed when in root

  • Preview panel has been added

  • Clock & date display in search window has been added

  • Rounded icons for plugins have been added

  • Plugins can now use web URL as an icon path

  • Implemented asynchronous result execution for JsonRPC plugins

  • User's query containing trailing whitespace will not be trimmed when passed through to plugins

  • Everything plugin is now merged into Explorer plugin

  • Minor enhancements made to search window's auto-completion

  • Made some improvements to the PluginManager plugin

  • Added glyph Icon Support

  • Updated icons & non-glyph icons for context menus

  • Application Uri execution is now supported in OpenUrl API call

  • Auto re-index for Program and Bookmark plugins

  • Added Custom Query Shortcut

  • Hotkey for triggering the search window is now displayed in tray icon's context menu

  • Search window's search icon now changes based on the plugin (action keyword) you are using

  • Search plugins in the Plugin Store as well as plugins tab

  • Use Ctrl + Backspace in the search window when navigating directories to go up one level

  • Keyboard shortcut to copy file/folder result to clipboard

  • Updated the default app missing icon image

  • Upgraded to .Net 6

Bug fixes

  • Fixed setting window's panel Layout

  • Fixed Program plugin's setting display

  • Fixed Program Plugin's button size

  • Fixed some untranslatable text

  • Bump NuGet CommandLine version

  • Fixed clicking on tray icon not showing the search window

  • Fixed missing 'Installing Plugin' string

  • Refactored UWP class in Program plugin

  • Fixed Theme Preview display

  • Changed WindowsSettings plugin keyword to 's' from '*'

  • Updated wording for Pingyin search message box

  • Fixed Program plugin's ability to distinguish .lnks by arguments

  • Fixed Context Menu design

  • Fixed searching in Chinese even if Pinyin is enabled

  • Fixed minor pipeline issues and added caching

  • Fixed Plugin Store memory leaks

  • General fixes on Program plugin

  • Removed ColorProfileData in app_missing_img

  • Changed the delete icon to a recycle bin icon

  • Fixed a progress bar display issue

  • Fixed WindowsSettings plugin untranslatable strings

  • Fixed blurry search window context menu

  • Fixed WebSearch plugin's search source setting guide

  • Remove font-family style for Chinese

  • Fixed LastQueryMode's selection language display when new language is selected

  • Fixed Explorer crash on a reserved character when performing ole db query

  • Fixed QueryTextbox's binding event

  • Fixed some build warnings

  • Updated readme

  • New Crowdin updates


We would like to directly mention and thank the following people (in alphabetical order) for their contribution and support in this release.

@0xCCY, @dracp, @Garulf, @JohnTheGr8, @LeLocTai, @nachmore, @NeedJustWord, @onesounds, @Sparrkle, @taooceros, @VictoriousRaptor and everyone who has joined discussions, added translations, created plugins, reviewed pull requests, put through their ideas or reported bugs.

A big thank you to @itsonlyfrans for sponsoring us! ❤️

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