github FlareSolverr/FlareSolverr v1.2.1

09c9404 Bump version 1.2.1
9dd0478 Change version to match release tag / 1.2.0 => v1.2.0
cd4f487 CI/CD Publish release in GitHub repository. resolves #34
89aed86 Add welcome message in / endpoint
a23fa09 Rewrite request timeout handling (maxTimeout) resolves #42
d2b6805 Add http status for better logging
c3b2173 Return an error when no selectors are found, #25
37cd979 Add issue template, fix #32
54d5894 Moving log.html right after loading the page and add one on reload, fix #30
7ca880d Update User-Agent to match chromium version, ref: #15 (#28)
d4d7b93 Update install from source code documentation
743058a Update readme to add Docker instructions (#20)
87b5a6a Clean up readme (#19)
08bec21 Add docker-compose
f37ce03 Change default log level to info

latest releases: v2.0.1, v2.0.0, v1.2.9...
10 months ago