github FlareSolverr/FlareSolverr v1.2.0

df68da1 Fix User-Agent detected by CouldFlare (Docker ARM) resolves #15
a24fa6d Include exception message in error response
5a9fb67 CI/CD: Rename GitHub Action build => publish
3d5b6d6 Bump version
f653d15 Fix TypeScript compilation and bump minor version
ff6cb05 CI/CD: Bump minor version
89f57be CI/CD: Configure GitHub Actions
8d02ad5 CI/CD: Configure GitHub Actions
ebfee2d CI/CD: Bump minor version
7787873 CI/CD: Configure Build GitHub Action
f10093c CI/CD: Configure AutoTag GitHub Action (#14)
2bf2784 CI/CD: Build the Docker images with GitHub Actions (#13)
470d641 Update dependencies
a422756 Backport changes from Cloudproxy (#11)

latest releases: v2.0.0, v1.2.9, v1.2.8...
10 months ago