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Known Issues

  • When building with Meson versions older than 0.47.0 (including the version provided by Ubuntu 18.04), gamemoderun will not be installed with executable permissions and will therefore fail to run. Run sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/gamemoderun after installation to fix (#115).


  • Disable screensaver when the game is running (can help when playing with gamepad or joystick for games which don't do this themselves).
  • Add a gamemoderun helper script to do the necessary setup (set LD_PRELOAD) to enable GameMode on games which do not support it themselves.
  • Support for overclocking on NVIDIA GPUs (experimental, use at your own risk). See example/gamemode.ini for further details.
  • Support for configuring performance level on AMD GPUs (experimental, use at your own risk). See example/gamemode.ini.
  • Increase I/O priority of game processes.
  • softrealtime and renice options are no longer enabled by default since they require extra system configuration. See example/gamemode.ini.
  • Add supervisor API which allows requesting GameMode on behalf of another process.
  • Add tests for GameMode functionality (run with gamemoded -t).
  • Various other minor fixes and improvements.


The new features in this release are primarily the effort of our contributors, thanks to them for their work:

  • Marc Di Luzio @mdiluz
  • Kai Krakow @kakra
  • Matthias Gerstner @mgerstner
  • Suvayu Ali @suvayu
  • Térence Clastres @terencode
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