github Eugeny/tabby v1.0.147
Alpha 147

  • Added a tab context menu option to save split layouts as profiles
  • Added a way to switch a pane's profile - allowing multiple different profiles on the same tab
  • Telnet: actually implement telnet protocol
  • SSH: fixed connections to some old/noncompliant servers (Cisco etc.)
  • SSH: preserve POSIX file modes for up- and downloads
  • WSL: fixed multiple distro detection
  • Vault: allow renaming and replacing files
  • SSH: fixed home/end keys
  • Fixed the 'hide dock on blur' setting getting stuck
  • Serial/telnet: fixed visual layout of readline prompts
  • Profiles: avoid duplicate entries in recent profiles
  • Profiles: make ssh the default quick-connect profile

latest release: v1.0.148
7 days ago