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Alpha 145 - The Big Profiles Update

New profile settings

The new "Profiles" settings tab unifies all profile types in a single settings UI:

  • Groups, hotkeys, colors, tab icons, title settings and login scripts are now available for all profile types:

  • ⚠️ You'll have to re-select your default profile and re-set profile hotkeys if you had any.
  • The "Built-in" profiles (every standard shell and serial port) can be optionally hidden if you're only using your own custom profiles.
  • The profile selector now shows all profiles, but there are still separate hotkeys to show SSH, serial and telnet profile selectors.
  • You can omit the baud rate for serial profiles if you want Tabby to ask for baud rate every time when opening a serial tab.
  • Added automatic Developer Tools for Visual Studio profiles on Windows.

Socket / Telnet client

  • Added a plain socket ("Telnet") profile type. Telnet profiles have the same input modes as serial profiles, and default to a readline input (same as nc):


  • Updated the connection toolbar design - the toolbar is now pinnable and is easier to discover.
  • Setting %COMSPEC% on Windows is now optional and off by default.

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27 days ago