github Eugeny/tabby v1.0.140
Alpha 140

  • SSH: added experimental SFTP support
  • SSH: added a File Transfers panel for both SFTP and Zmodem
  • SSH: added PuTTY key format support
  • SSH: fixed multiple Zmodem issues
  • SSH: fixed session not getting disconnected when closing a tab
  • SSH: added a WinSCP launch hotkey
  • SSH: added support for multiple private keys per connection (useful when syncing config across platforms)
  • Vault: added an encrypted container to store passwords and private keys when the OS keychain isn't available. The Vault is encrypted on disk and secured with a master passphrase, see Vault Encryption.
  • Vault: the entire config file can be optionally encrypted and stored in the Vault
  • Splitting a tab no longer restores entire history in the new pane
  • Clicking a pane now cancels multi-pane input
  • Windows: updated the bundled clink version
  • Added CLI options to start SSH and serial connections
  • Windows: auto-set Terminus as %COMSPEC% inside shells
  • Serial: support for custom baud rates
latest releases: v1.0.151, v1.0.150, v1.0.149...
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