github Eugeny/tabby v1.0.135
Alpha 135

  • Added an option to adjust terminal width (docked on top/bottom) or height (left/right) when docked.
  • Added hotkeys for tabs #11-20 (by @clarkwang)
  • Added hex input/output modes for serial connections
  • Added an option to disable dynamic tab titles for profiles
  • Added a config option to disable automatic "progress" detection
  • SSH passwords are now remembered separately for different ports of the same host (by @iamchating)
  • Fixed custom tab title and color not getting duplicated when duplicating a tab
  • Tab close buttons don't take up extra space anymore
  • Themes can now specify titlebar buttons offset on macOS
latest releases: v1.0.149, v1.0.148, v1.0.147...
4 months ago