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EdgeTX "Centurion" v2.10.0-RC2

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We are pleased to offer the second release candidate for EdgeTX "Centurion" v2.10.0.


As this is a release candidate, there may be some minor issues that still need work before release. We need your help in testing this build to ensure there are no major bugs or faults that will cause problems during flight. During release candidate, the matching SD card pack and voice pack versions are those marked/tagged 'Latest'. Please ensure you back up your model and radio settings before updating, fully bench-test your models after updating, and report any issues you encounter.


Reminder: Upgrading from versions of EdgeTX earlier than v2.6 (or from OpenTX) is no longer possible via the radio firmware. You first need to update to EdgeTX 2.8 in order to migrate your radio and model settings, and then you can update to the current version. See the Installing and Updating EdgeTX manual page for more information.

Cloud Build

We would like to formally announce the existence of CloudBuild on EdgeTX Buddy, which some eagle eyed users have spotted and been using already. In addition to flashing the normal release builds (Cloud) or firmware you've built yourself or gotten from someone else (Local file), there is now also the "CloudBuild" option on Buddy. Via this tab, you can pick from an available firmware version, pick your radio type, and then choose from a limited (for now) range of build options. For colorlcd radios, this is primarily just the language for the radio firmware. For black and white radios, you have a few more choices, including the ability to remove heli and set the font type.

If you want a language build, or to customise the build options that are currently exposed, please give it a try, and let us know if you have any issues, and also help us find out what additional options people want access to. While some options have been limited to supported radio types, please note that it is still possible to pick some invalid options - such as a translation language that did not exist in older firmware versions, so keep that in mind when making choices. As this is a pre-release, similar to a nightly, you will need to select the "Include pre-releases" option in the Filter option just under the version picker in order to get the option of 2.10.0-rc2.

Overview of just some of the changes since 2.10.0-RC1:

  • Never again flash the wrong firmware or bootloader to your radio... by @3djc in #4770
  • chore: do not display trims position when trim is set as 3POS by @3djc in #4777, by @philmoz in #4811
  • feat: support Jumper T20 V2 by @3djc in #4701
  • fix: disable override when both GF and SF are off by @3djc in #4712
  • chore: auto select radio fastest supported baudrate for internal ELRS by @3djc in #4698
  • fix(telemetry): process DSM LIPO Cells Monitor sensor correctly by @frankiearzu in #4720
  • fix(telemetry): frsky angles should be be signed (allow negative) by @frankiearzu in #4733
  • With the help of the wonderful translation crew, lots of translation updates and corrections - #4613, #4703, #4688, #4772, #4760, #4806, #4810


  • feat(color): show FM name and number in GV edit page by @philmoz in #4767
  • feat(color): make warning for serial port voltage levels clearer by @philmoz in #4697
  • fix(color): displayed image not always cleared when changing folder in SD browser by @philmoz in #4781
  • feat(color): Run widget 'background' function while in setup pages. by @philmoz in #4393


  • fix(bw): Long ENTER not working correctly when using ADJUST GV SF by @philmoz in #4709
  • fix(bw): issue in copy on mixer screen by @3djc in #4747
  • fix(bw): USB popup menu may not close. by @philmoz in #4780
  • fix(bw): display GVar name if exist in telemetry screen by @3djc in #4778
  • fix(mt12): bootloader startup check using wrong trim switch direction by @philmoz in #4788
  • fix(oled): allow configuration of auto dimming for OLED screen by @3djc in #4793


  • chore(cpn): simulators for EL18, TProV2, Pocket, T20 by @pfeerick in #4687
  • feat: companion support for Jumper T14 by @pfeerick in #4704
  • fix(cpn): screen colors in simulator for B&W OLED radios by @philmoz in #4779
  • fix(cpn): MPM now has surface and LBT firmwares by @elecpower in #4774
  • fix(cpn): use model semver over radio semver for decoding model sources and switches by @elecpower in #4768, #4794, #4801

And much, much more: v2.10.0-rc1...v2.10.0-rc2

Highlights of this release include:

  • New "Eddie the Edgehog" default splash screen - on color display radios also shows the current version of EdgeTX installed
  • On colorlcd, a custom image can be shown on shutdown instead of shutdown animation
  • On colorlcd, interacting with labels on the manage models screen has been reworked - you can now choose to have only one label active at a time, or multiple labels
  • On colorlcd, you can pick from three more views for how models will be shown, including smaller icons and list views.
  • On colorlcd, the sources list picker and filters have been reworked
  • On colorlcd, the splash screen delay can now be changed
  • All special and global functions can be enabled or disabled - no need to delete them if you no longer want certain ones temporarily inactive
  • Unused trim switches can be used as 3POS switches
  • "Telemetry Connected" will be played when the connection is first established
  • Pre-flight checklists now have an "interactive" option, whereby you can tick off each item in turn
  • PPM units can be changed at runtime, rather than being a compile time option
  • RGB LED control/animations on supported radios (e.g. MT12, PL18, PL18EV)
  • Startup sound can be disabled (there is now an option, rather than needing to delete hello.wav)
  • Analog inputs, such as pots and sliders can now be configured as a Switch, Axis X or Axis Y. Additionally, they can also be configured to be inverted

More information, which is broken down into by screen type (Color LCD and B&W), is available in the user manual here.

Full Changelog: v2.9.0...v2.10.0-rc2

Known Limitations and Issues

  • Wireless Model Trainer and CRSF/ELRS - if using the Multi Protocol Module (MPM) as a wireless trainer in conjunction with CRSF/ELRS, do not go above 250 Hz, otherwise the MPM wireless trainer will be dropped. 250 Hz or below is stable.
  • There is no companion support for RadioMaster MT12 (yet!)
  • If you are using Flysky digital hall gimbals, they will need to be re-calibrated, if they were calibrated previously with previous versions of EdgeTX (due to #3778).
  • USB-VCP (#4740) and USB-CDC (#4731) is not working correctly - cause being investigated.
  • Please check #4817 during the release candidate phase for any other release candidate specific issues and status of fixes.

UI/UX behavioral changes and/or new capabilities:

  • colorlcd: MDL, SYS and TELE buttons now have long press actions... a long press (more than one second) now takes you into the Manage Models aka. "Model Select", Radio Settings => Radio Setup or Channel Monitor. A short press takes you to the Model Settings => Model Setup, Radio Settings => Tools or Screen Settings like with previous versions.
  • colorlcd: You can also press MDL, SYS and TELE while in the first level of the menus to switch to another menu entirely... i.e. you can switch from any of the Model Settings tabs to Radio Settings simply by pressing the SYS button. Or bring up the channel monitor while in any of the Radio Settings or Model Settings screens by pressing the TELE button.
  • companion: Companion will now ensure that model names of existing models (and labels, if supported) only have characters that can be entered on the radio. If invalid characters are detected, they will be removed from the name. Companion will also not accept invalid characters as input.

Supported radios

The full list of supported radios and their support status can be viewed here on the EdgeTX website.

Installation Guide

Flash firmware via Chrome based browser

Unofficial builds

Pre-built multilingual and custom builds are not available during the release candidate phase. In the meantime, why don't you give the CloudBuild option on EdgeTX Buddy a try? You can still build your own firmware online following this guide, request a specific build at TODO or ask on Discord for someone to build one for you.

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